Transfer Pricing Solutions Expands Into Asia

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Transfer Pricing Solutions Expands Into Asia

Transfer Pricing Solutions is growing. As an industry leader in the Asia-Pacific Region, we are delighted to announce the opening of our new entity located in Singapore. Transfer Pricing Solutions Asia allows us to cement our expertise in transfer pricing solutions in one of Asia’s largest financial centres, increasing our presence in the region.  

Since the final deliverables of the BEPS Action Plan were released by the OECD in October 2015, tax authorities in South-East Asia have focused on aligning their local legislation, to reflect the outcomes of the BEPS Action plan. Authorities have also increased their focus on strengthening enforcement of their local transfer pricing rules.  

Bringing extensive global experience, our team will work alongside companies in the region to address complex transfer pricing issues and provide solutions that are both easy to understand and easy to implement. Our award-winning team’s experience with recent changes implemented in Australia will be rewarding and timely for businesses located in the region.

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