The #TPS WAY of Doing Business – What can we learn from COVID 19 crisis?

KnowledgeThe #TPS WAY of Doing Business – What can we learn from COVID 19 crisis?

The COVID-19 crisis has provoked an unprecedented shift toward working from home (#WFH), and for businesses to implement tools and resources allowing employees to work from home and look after their customers as seamlessly as possible.

IN THE BEGINNING: Since our firm started operations we implemented technologies and operations that allow our team to work in any part of the world, honouring our values of offering practical, proactive and cost-effective transfer pricing services.

As our business grew our operations and technology have enabled us to acquire top transfer pricing wherever they are located and also reach our clients globally.

IN 2020: Little did we know that our value proposition that has benefited our clients and employees immensely was going to be critical to surviving COVID-19.
If someone has told us that the whole world was going to shut down, we wouldn't have believed a word. Yet here we all are in different degrees of lockdown and social distancing around the world to ensure we keep our families and ourselves in good health.

REMOTE AND FLEXIBLE WORK: We have been advocates of flexible work to retain the best transfer pricing experts and also to offer an agile and easy experience for our clients. Our journey has been a continuous balance between offering our employees work-life balance and offering our clients the best personalised services in an efficient, easy and effective way. .
Our mission: To offer transfer pricing consulting and advisory services without a price tag. We call it the #TPSWAY.

BUSINESS AFTER COVID-19: We remain positive. Our wish is that after this crisis, all employers, employees and customer accept that flexibility and remote interaction can still offer a seamless experience. It is possible to challenge the traditional way of doing business and agree that in today's world there is sufficient technology for everyone to be able to work from home without compromising the customer experience, quality and deliverables.

THE #TPSWAY: Our firm is a real case study of the above. We know how to work from home and from a traditional office. We know how to offer the best client experience both face-to-face and remotely. We know how to host a productive meeting both both face-to-face and remotely. We are flexible and accommodating, and thanks to technology and our flexible business model we can offer premium transfer pricing services without a price tag.

Aside from technical expertise, agility, flexibility and adaptability are critical attributes in today's world. Unicorn teams like ours will have a competitive advantage as we already know how to work this way.

During our journey, we have accomplished many recognitions and leadership roles that have endorsed our success story such as:

Members of the Global Transfer Pricing Alliance


  1. 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 Shannon Smit appointed to the Australian Government's Board of Taxation Advisory Panel
  2. Shannon Smit is a Lecturer at University of Melbourne Law School, Master of International Taxation
  3. Adriana Calderon is a Lecturer in Singapore at the transfer pricing trainer by the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants, Singapore Institute Accredited Tax Professionals and Singapore Institute of Technology.


Feel free to reach out for a virtual coffee or catch up if you want to know more about our transfer pricing services or to hear more about our TPS WAY success story.

Contributed by our Director Adriana Calderon

Adriana is the co-founder of Transfer Pricing Solutions Asia and Transfer Pricing Solutions Malaysia and Lead Partner in Asia. Adriana has extensive international experience with Big Four and mid-tier firms advising multinational companies in the areas of corporate and international taxation across South America, the US, Australia and the Asia Pacific Region. As a TP practitioner, Adriana has advised companies in the Asia Pacific Region across various industries and in a wide range of projects associated with planning. 
Adriana also enjoys teaching and is a regular speaker and facilitator of Transfer Pricing seminars and workshops in Singapore. She is a transfer pricing trainer for the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants and Singapore Institute of Accredited Tax Professionals. Adriana lives in Singapore with her family and is a mother to two energetic boys.


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