Accounting isn't all about the numbers

KnowledgeAccounting isn't all about the numbers

Accounting isn't all about the numbers

We are honored to be selected among many companies in Singapore to share our story on an interview to Adriana Calderon, Director of Transfer Pricing Solutions Asia. An excellent read about the human side of transfer pricing and why we love what we do. Our favorite parts:

Q You also teach seminars, workshops and conferences – why’s that important to you?

A: We don’t believe that being selfish with knowledge is the way to go. We like to educate our clients. And I believe that the more education we offer people, the keener they are to work with us.

Q: What challenges has your business faced?

People can tend to think that if you’re not one of the Big Four, you have no defence against the tax authorities – and that’s actually not true. We have great relationships with the tax authorities.

Q: Do you like working in a small business?

A: Being in a small business lets you be flexible, and you don’t have the whole politics of the big corporates behind it either. You feel like you’re working with friends, almost like working with family, which allows you to have a real work-life balance.

Thank you Regus for selecting our business.